Students' Work (2014-2015)



Composition- A Poor Black Cat_1B_Sunny Lee  
Composition- A Film Review on Round the World in Eighty Days_3A_No.6_ Ip Hong Wang  
Composition- A Superintendent's Speech_5B_No.1_Simon Au  
Composition- A Treasure Hunt_5F_No.10_Wong Kwan Long  
Composition- An email to a friend_6B_No.32_To Sum Wai  
Composition- How we can fight against piracy_2D_No.5_Kwong Wai Tat  
Composition- My Famous Namesake_2C_No.19_YeungTsz Ho  
Composition- My Favourite Cartoon Character_2A_No.23_Polly Chui  
Composition- My Ideal School_4A_No.23_Wendy Chin  
Composition- My Role Model_ 2A_No.22_Angel Choi  
Composition- Pipe Dream_4A_No.2 _Hui Kin Wing  
Composition- Superhero Power_3D_No.34_Yeung Kai Wing  
Composition- Writing About Myself_1D_No.26_Leung Choi Mei  
Composition- Writing About Myself_1D_No.34_Yung Wing Sze  
News Review- 3C_No.17_Ting Lung Ngai  
Book News Review- 3C_No.33_Yeung Tsz Ying  



Book Report

Book Report - 2A_12_Leung_Pok_Yin  
Book Report - 2A_16_Sun_Ka_Ho  
Book Report - 2A_25_Lai_Wai_Sze  
Book Report - 2A_34_Yip_Wai_Man_Violet  
Book Report - 2B_19_Yu_Ming  
Book Report - 2B_28_Lau_Nga_In_Ashley  
Book Report - 2C_10_ Lam Yu Hau  
Book Report - 3A_01_Chan Emebo_Jimi_Emenike  
Book Report - 3A_06_Ip_Hong_Wang  
Book Report - 3A_11_Leung_Ka_Ho  
Book Report - 3C_28_Li Ki Yan  
Book Report - 3D_22_Chan Sau Kuen  
Book Report - 3D_28_Lin Lok Kwan  
Book Report - 4A_Hui_Ka_Ki  
Book Report - 4A_Tsoi_Yee_Shan  
Book Report - 4A_Wong_Tsz_Yuet  
Book Report - 4B_19_Cheung_Tsz_Yan  
Book Report - 4B_23_Lam_Yee_Ting  
Book Report - 4B_27_Liu_Ka_Ying  

Book Report - 4B_Lee_Yuen_Man_Wendy

Book Report - 5B_Jeff_Lau  
Book Report - 5B_Tsui_Tik_Ho  
Bookmark - 5B_Yeung_Ka_Man  
Book Report - 5E_07_Kan_Wai_Kit  
Bookmark - 5E_25_Wong_Wing_Han  
Book Report - 6B_19_Cheung_Wai_Yi  
Book Report - 6B_28_Siu_Lai_Yin_BoBo  
Book Report - 6B_38_Yuen_Wing_Shan  


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