Overall Teaching Objectives & Aims of the English Department

  1. To arouse students' interest in learning English and develop their language skills by using appropriate teaching materials with the aid of extra-curricular activities.

  2. To develop the maximum degree of students' functional competence in the English Language so that they can be prepared for the changing socio-economic demands resulting from progress in information technology; these demands include the interpretation, use and production of materials for pleasure, study and work in the English medium.

  3. Junior Forms:
    i. To help students understand, analyze, evaluate and respond to a range of texts of different categories.
    ii. To use appropriate language in communication.
    iii. To arouse their interest and build up their confidence in learning English.
    iv. To teach them basic language skills, bearing in mind the integration of the four skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening.

  4. Senior Forms:
    i. To consolidate their language skills.
    ii. To help them listen and read critically, and speak and write eloquently for a range of purposes.
    iii. To prepare students for the public examinations and tertiary education.
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