Words from the School Principal


MYCOSA (Ming Yin College Old Students Association)


From Gold to Emerald


Dear old boys and girls,

Thank you for your continuous support to Ming Yin College.

Time flies. We celebrated our 50th Anniversary (our Golden Jubilee) in 2017; and now, we will soon be looking forward to our Emerald (55th Anniversary) celebrations.


Your contributions in the past years helped us to make our dreams come true. Referring to our 50th Anniversary Wish-List, we have now reached almost all our targets.


  1. School History Museum
  2. Let me See the World
  3. MY Reading Hub
  4. MY E-learning Centre


With your support and donations, we completed MY School Museum in 2017. It retains the school’s history and helps the old boys and girls to remember their good old days. If you still did not get a chance to come back to your alma mater to take a look, please find some time to do so. I am sure that you can find something that brings you the good memories of your secondary school days.


Thank you for supporting the idea of giving our students more exposure by taking them out of the classroom, moving away from Shamshuipo and travelling around the world. With your donations and the Education Bureau’s Life Wide Learning Fund, we have successfully organized study trips to different parts of Asia and Europe. Study trips to Australia and Canada are also planned. After the 2020 epidemic threat, our study trips should be able to continue.


Our school library will be renovated to include more e-learning materials. Besides reading, it will be designed as an area for the new Learning Commons (reading, research, seminar and workshops). We will also set up class libraries in all the classrooms; so that students can be immersed in a Reading–rich environment.


By setting up the new MY Campus TV station, we will be able to provide more chance for MY students to use multi-media as a means of communication to express themselves. Innovations like STEM, webinar etc. can be more easily implemented with our own campus TV production.


Moving from 50th anniversary to our 55th anniversary, Ming Yin College will continue to grow; our students will learn to perceive the words of God, to glorify HIM and do good to others.


Once a student of Ming Yin, always a MY alumnus; always a member of MY College; always part of MY family.


Thanks for MYCOSA’s effort dedicated in connecting MY alumni all over the world. The MYCAC (Ming Yin College Alumni in Canada) has successfully connected our alumni across different cities in Canada (and even some cities in United Stated). In the coming years, we may be able to see more MY alumni circles set up around the world.


If you want to know more about the recent development of your alma mater, visit your former class teachers or meet your old classmates, do join our annual Homecoming Day arranged for MY alumni. The opening of the Time Capsule, Hot Pot dinner, folk song gathering are some of the highlights in the past homecoming parties. You are always welcome.



Dr. Anne Chan


CCC Ming Yin College

May 2020