Words from the School Principal

The MYCOSA family

Ming Yin College Old Students Association

Words from the School Principal

Greetings to MYCOSA and greetings to all!

This is my first year as a member of the MYCOSA family. Since 1966, MY College has been grooming leaders for the local communities.  Many of them are now leaders in Hong Kong, renowned scholars and professionals.  MY College is now a union of people who are, and will be, part of the continuously growing Ming Yin family – the MYCOSA family.

I thank God for giving me the opportunity to lead MY College through its 50th Anniversary.  I know that MYCOSA has been planning a long list of activities to celebrate the school’s 50thbirthday. The school will be working hand in hand with our alumni to make this 50th Anniversary a memorable event for ALL.

Our Golden Jubilee

In the coming year, teachers and students of MY College will be working on different research projects to revisit the significant achievements of the school.  Each and every one of the members in MY College will have a part to play in piecing together our collective history.

Our Bonding

The Student Union and Prefects of the school will try to reach our alumni members in different parts of the world and help them reestablish their connection with MY College again.  With the help of e-communications, we hope that the message of our Golden Jubilee can reach all generations of our alumni

The 50th Anniversary Celebrations

We are now planning to work on the following list of activities to reunite our present and past history:

  1. Sports games,
  2. Thanksgiving Service,
  3. Dinner banquet,
  4. Students show,
  5. School museum, and
  6. The Wish List

Alumni Sports Tournament

Sports games to be held by the alumni all through the anniversary year.

Golden Jubilee Thanksgiving Service

The thanksgiving service is planned to be held in March 2017.

50th Anniversary Home Coming Dinner

The reunion dinner, which may reach a total of 100 tables, is planned to be held in March 2017.

50th Anniversary Students Show

When the students’ research work is completed, we will start working on the students’ show.  We intend to involve ALL in the production of the show, which will be our finale performance. We are praying for the production of a musical.

The School history Museum

The school history museum will be the hub to collect the history for the future development of the school.  It is planned to be completed in 2017.

Our Wish List

In the arena of education reform, MY College needs resources to continue to development.  We received feedback from our students that there can be a lot of improvements made to enhance our learning and teaching effectiveness.  Different school committees are planning to hold fund raising activities to make their dreams come true.  We will come up with a Wish List to let our stakeholders know what we want; and, it is hoped that contributions from our alumni and sponsoring communities will help our school to continue to excel.

How many 50th Anniversary can you celebrate in a life time?

Our PTA (Parents Teachers Association) members have already been working to prepare for the 50th Anniversary activities. Our parents, who are very much involved in the work, have rightly as they said, “How many 50th Anniversary can we celebrate in our life time?”

Latest news about our 50th Anniversary will be released on our school’s web page:



Dr. Anne Chan

October 2015