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Bamboo lamp making 竹燈製作

Committee(s) Concerned: Counselling Committee
Subject(s) Concerned: Visual Arts
Date: 17/04/2024
Students can freely impart their creativity in making a DIY BAMBOO LAMP. Such an enjoyable experience.
同學盡情將創意匯聚在自己整的竹燈上面。 過程充滿歡笑。 感謝社企滿竹新世代的指導。

Classroom Cleaning Activity (Junior Forms) 課室清潔活動 (初中)

Committee(s) Concerned: Civic and Life Education Committee
Date: 16 Apr 2024
S1-3 students come together to scrub and sweep in the school to learn their responsibility as a part of MYC.

bE inspired too! 啟發工程才能新世代 2023-24

Committee(s) Concerned: Career and Life Planning Committee
Date: 10/04/2024
Through a workshop and an outing, students explore different engineering study and career pathways.
透過工作坊和實地考察, 讓同學了解工程學相關的升學發展及事業出路

Gospel Week 福音週 2023-2024

Committee(s) Concerned: Religious Affairs Committee
Subject(s) Concerned: Religious Education
Date: 27 Nov - 01 Dec / 2023
God bless all the students and teachers in MYC, with different programs conducted during Gospel Week. Activities hold: Give Gift Card, Gospel Craft, Sending Blessings in MYC, Hymn Sharing, Gospel Morning Assembly.


Committee(s) Concerned: Extra-curricular Activities Committee
Subject(s) Concerned: Chinese Language / Chinese Literature
Date: 01/02/2024 - 06/02/2024

Soap Making Workshop

Subject(s) Concerned: Chemistry
Date: 25/03/2024
Discover the captivating world of soap making with the Chemistry Society's workshop. Unleash creativity, explore chemical reactions, and craft personalized soaps. Colourful soaps are made which can arouse the interest of student learning in chemistry.

Guided tour to Mount Davis & Jubilee Artillery Batteries 摩星嶺及銀禧砲台導賞團

Committee(s) Concerned: Extra-curricular Activities Committee
Subject(s) Concerned: Geography, History
Date: 23/3/2024
The guided tour to Mount Davis & Jubilee Artillery Batteries is organized by History Society and Geography Society. We visit Mount Davis Fort, Fortress and Battery Plotting rooms and barracks. There are two reenactors who act as soldiers and walk through footprint of soldiers with us.

StART Up Community Art Programme — Approachable Dragon

Subject(s) Concerned: Visual Arts
Date: 12 Mar - 30 Jun 2024
Our students worked hand-in-hand with an artist and other visually impaired students in creating this large-scale artwork. The work is now exhibited in D.Park, Tsuen Wan, until 17 Mar.

Visual Arts Week 視覺藝術週 2023-2024

Subject(s) Concerned: Visual Arts
Date: 19-24/Feb 2024
Students experienced a vibrant display of creativity at Visual Arts Week. There was art exhibitions of MYC and MKC students, and also inspiring workshops. It's a good opportunity for students to unleash their artistic potential.

2 day one night Geography field camp in Cheung Chau 明愛陳震夏郊野學院 兩日一夜長洲地理研習課程

Committee(s) Concerned: Academic Committee
Subject(s) Concerned: Geography
Date: 7-8 Mar
The field trip includes the investigation of the land uses in Cheung Chau. Student also visited the organic farm in Mui Wo and different hydroponics methods in the field centre laboratory. . They learned a lot about the field based questions answering techniques.
透過兩日一夜考察,同學了解到長妫的農業土地分佈。 同學亦乘搭街渡由長洲前往梅窩參觀有機農場。 另外在陳震夏研習中心見識了多種水耕辦法。 透過這次考察, 同學必定對文憑試FBQ新題型的作答方法有更深入的了解。

Visit to Hong Kong Museum of Art 香港藝術館參觀

Subject(s) Concerned: Visual Arts
Date: 27/02/2024
S.4 & S.5 VA students have visited the Hong Kong Museum of Art. It is like stepping into a treasure trove of history and creativity. We get to see beautiful artworks that tell stories about the past and diverse art styles. It's an exciting and educational experience for our students.

Island West Geography field trip on 17Feb 港島西地理考察

Committee(s) Concerned: Academic Committee, Extra-curricular Activities Committee
Subject(s) Concerned: Geography
Date: 17/02/2024
Students travelled to Ap Li Chau, Aberdeen, Wah Fu Estate, Cyberport, Shek Tong Tsui and Hill Road
初中同學乘坐街度由利東前往鴨脷洲, 遊歷香港仔華富邨瀑布灣公園與瀑布,再城巴士前往數碼港了解土地利用。 之後乘搭巴士感受山道天橋嘅宏偉,最後乘搭電車前往石塘咀,考察西營盤高街第一街第二街古蹟活化項目。

2023/24 Singing Contest 歌唱比賽

Committee(s) Concerned: Extra-curricular Activities Committee
Date: 21 Dec 2023
2023/24 Singing Contest 歌唱比賽

2023-24 Random Dance 隨機舞蹈

Committee(s) Concerned: Extra-curricular Activities Committee
Date: 21 Dec 2023
Random Dance organized by our Students' Union Elpis was successfully held in December.

Second Prefects' Training Course 第二次領袖生訓練課程 2023-2024

Committee(s) Concerned: Discipline Committee
Date: 14/12/2023
The Second Prefects’ Training Course is organized by prefects' training group. All S3 to S5 prefects actively participate in the warm-up games and evaluation session. The training helps enhance prefects’ team spirit and skills in handling with cases that they encounter.

The seventh golf practice 第七次哥球訓練

Committee(s) Concerned: Extra-curricular Activities Committee
Subject(s) Concerned: Physical Education
Date: 20/01/2024
The first time enjoying golf practice in Chun Lee Estate Sports Centre

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