Words from the Principal


The inaugural Secondary One Admission Talk of CCC Ming Yin College (MY College) was held on the 25th of November, 2017. We would like to thank God for giving us in this opportunity to share ‘Our Stories’ with the public. MY College has always been a popular secondary school in the Sham Shui Po district. Although not much promotion was done before, our quality and strong values in Christ have already helped us retain the trust and faith from our stakeholders and attracted prospective students from around the neighbourhood.

The decision to hold our first Admission Talk, on our 50th Anniversary, was to reach out and connect with the people living in the community we serve. Through the dedication of teachers and staff, MY College is committed to contributing and providing quality secondary education in our district. A thousand places were offered in the admission talk through our online application platform and they were all reserved within a fortnight. We feel humble and encouraged by their overwhelming response. We would like to thank all interested parents and prospective students for supporting this event.

During the admissions talk, the participants, mostly students studying in Primary 5 and 6 and their parents, had an opportunity to learn about our school’s history, the way our students learn, our pedagogical approaches, and the support services for our students. Participants could also find out more about our students’ performance in both the academic and non-academic areas. In the sharing session, our alumni shed some light on their own learning experiences and feelings of growing up in MY College. We received positive feedback from the participants, most of whom felt that our students were given room to discover their individual strengths and talents so that they can grow and shine in different areas.

MY College will continue to excel. As a school that embraces our students with love and care, I hope that MY College will continue to grow as a learning organisation that leads the teaching profession. In order to prepare MY students to face challenges and rapid changes in the 21st century, our leaders, teachers, and staff of MY College will continue to incorporate IT in learning and teaching. We believe we can equip our students with the latest knowledge, skills, and a positive attitude so that they can learn effectively in an ever-evolving educational landscape.

Anchored in God’s love and teachings, MY College will continue to grow. I am sure when we celebrate our 60th, 70th or even 100th Anniversary, we will have a chance to revisit our touching old ‘stories’, while at the same time sharing new ones which we create every day.

In everything we do, we give thanks to our Lord, and in Him will we pray and trust our future with Him.


Dr. Anne Chan

CCC Ming Yin College