Application for S.1 Discretionary Places 2020/2021

2020/2021 學年中一自行分配學位申請


A. 2020/2021 學年本校中一自行分配學位數目為41個。

41 Discretionary Places are allocated for admission of S.1 (2020/2021).


B. 收生準則及比重   Admission Criteria and Weightings


C. 首輪面試將於2020年2月29日(星期六)進行。

The first interview will be held on 29 February 2020 (Saturday).


D. 次輪面試將於2020年3月18日(星期三)及19日(星期四)下午舉行。

The second interview will be held on 18 March 2020 and 19 March 2020 (Wednesday and Thursday) afternoon.