Woodside Biodiversity Education Centre plus trail to Tai Tam Reservoir 多樣性物種林邊小屋, 大潭水塘徑

Committee(s) Concerned: Academic Committee

Subject(s) Concerned: Geography

Date: 20/12/2023

We saw 3 lovely boas along the roadside. The educational center is a heritage once owned by Tai Koo Limited which is worth visiting. The trail towards Tai Tam Reservoir offers many good sceneries.

沿途見到三隻大小野豬,好可愛。 多樣性物種教育中心是一個古蹟,曾經屬於太古集團擁有。 通往水塘的 路風景優美。 回程看見日落, 同學們樂意忘返。

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