Installation of T5 Fluorescent lamp and Photovoltaic System in MYC

CCC Ming Yin College installed T5 fluorescent lamps in the school campus in August 2012. Photovoltaic [PV] System was installed in October 2015. The system absorbs solar energy from the sun and converts into electric energy supplying the lightings in Classroom 505. The above system is sponsored by Environment and conservation Fund, Environmental Education and Community Action CEEQ (A) projects (Minor works).

The system comprises of a 1500W PV array, 1 set solar charge controller, 1 set battery, associated control hubs and a Performance Monitoring system.

The PV array is formed by 6 pieces of PV modules each 250W and installed on the steel structure on roof.

The system is a standalone system. The PV modules absorb solar energy and generate DC power. The DC power will be transmitted to the batteries for storage. When the classroom lighting needs electricity, power will be supply to the system via the charge controller. In case of consecutive rainy days, the PV array may not supply sufficient energy for the lighting need and the capacity of the battery will drop. If the battery capacity drops to certain level, the supply of the light will be change-over to grid supply to protect the battery from over discharge. The system will resume normal automatically until the battery recharged by PV array.