S.1 Admission for 2021/2022 School Year

2021/2022 學年中一入學申請

The Result of the First Round Interview of Secondary One Discretionary Places 2021/22

Schedule of Application for S.1 Places 2021/2022 (Updated on 8 Feb)
2021/2022 學年中一學位申請日程 (2月8日 更新)

Notes On Application For Secondary One Discretionary Places 2021/2022 (Updated on 8 Feb)
2021/2022 中一自行分配學位申請須知 (2月8日 更新)

Admission Criteria for S.1 Discretionary Places 2021/2022 (Updated on 8 Feb)
2021/2022 學年中一自行分配學位收生準則及比重 (2月8日 更新)

Registration of Secondary One(2021/2022) Admission Talk  (Full)
登記參加 2021/2022 年度中一入學簡介會 (名額已滿)


Due to the overwhelming response, the Secondary One (2021/2022) Admission Talks are not taking any more participants. The information and materials concerned will be uploaded to the “S.1 Admission” page of our school website by the end of November.


Secondary One (2021/22) Admission Talk

Application Form For S1 Discretionary Places 2021/2022
2021/2022 中一自行分配學位申請表