Visual Arts Club
:: To muture students’ creativity and to promote aesthetic development for the enrichment of life
Chinese History and Culture Workshop 國萃坊
:: 提高學生對中國文化及歷史的認識及興趣
:: 加強學生對中華民族的歸屬感
Chinese Society 中文學會
:: 提高學生對中國語言、文學、文化之學習能力及興趣
:: 提高學生中文編寫能力
:: 提高學生演說、辯論技巧
Computer Society
:: To promote the popularities of computer knowledge and utilization
Current Affairs Society
:: To arouse students’ interest in the subject matter of socio-economic systems and enhance their concern over current affairs
English Society
:: To provide activities which stimulate and encourage students to use English as a medium of communication
:: To make up for the lack of exposure to English which exists in the home background of our students
:: To provide an environment where students can learn to express themselves using English as a medium of communication
Geography Society
:: By using different types of activities to teach students to appreciate the environment and man’s role in influencing or even changing the environment
History Society
:: To promote the learning of history
Mathematics Society
:: To promote interest in Mathematics
Biology Society
Chemistry Society
Physics Society
:: Cooperating with Physics teaching to promote Physics and cultivate scientific thinking among students.